Codorniú High Construction

“Efficient architecture, safe constructions, profitable investments”



We devote ourselves to creating spaces that connect our clients with new and better experiences. We offer customized assistance by complying with the client's needs and requirements.


We dedicate ourselves to achieving comprehensive solutions and building creative works through architecture and design. We offer quality products and affordable prices. Over the years we have worked with different architectural typologies and languages, which has allowed us to build single-family homes and collective housing in areas of housing renovation near downtown Córdoba.

We carry out construction work via wet construction, using the proper equipment for its development. As regards dry construction, we work with drywall panels in the interior and with Superboard panels on the exterior.
We remodel and expand houses or commercial spaces, either by making changes in the general structure or specific components.


We are the commercial representatives of Weber products, which we commercialize and provide assistance for, as well as employing them in our works.
We deal with the application of spray plaster in all its versions: plasters 2.1 for interiors, plasters 3.1 for exteriors and plaster 4.1, which is also for exteriors but this type already has the final color of the facade. We also apply Weber acrylic-based renders and Venetian mosaics cladding. As to floors, we do patterned floors and micro-concreted floors.


We are a young team with experience in the world of architecture and construction.
We slowly entered into the world of real estate investments, working with our own projects as well as with the Key in Hand system.
We have personnel qualified in design, development, control, and execution of architectural works, which results in an interdisciplinary team that will provide the best customized assistance to our clients.

Our job is made up of three organizational departments that work together to achieve a proper development of work.

Design Department
It takes place at the studio and it is in charge of the preliminary proceedings of any fieldwork. This department establishes the graphic pieces necessary to achieve the following tasks efficiently.


Construction Department
It executes in a successive and coordinated way all that was pre-established at the studio. It is composed of professionals in the art of proper construction. It is in this way that we achieve quality products that correspond to prestigious designs.


Administrative Department
It deals with the coordination and organization of the studio's everyday tasks, achieving the expected profitability and looking after the economic and financial health of the structure. At the same time, it establishes healthy relationships with each one of our suppliers and clients.