CHC Arquitectura, Diseño y Construcción



Project, Remodeling, and Execution.

In this case, we proposed the development of an office combined with commercial activity.

Through architecture, we found a solution that would allow a small space that does not exceed

15 m² to satisfy the needs of an architecture and technical office.

To begin with, we tried to convey through the interior space modernity, technology and to

generate an institutional and architectural branding that transmits to the client the values of the

team that works in this company.

The interior space is made up of a central island with a drywall structure above it that forms a line

that connects with the desk, which is where most of our work activities develop. This line alludes

to the letter C, an important element for the company since it is part of its name. Besides, it is

equipped with two work areas meant for meeting with prospective clients. Thanks to their

versatility, these areas can also be used as conference rooms since they have the necessary

equipment for both activities.

As regards the envelopes, graphic designs were added which through colors and the

characteristics of the activities that are carried out in the company, depict the identity of the office

and what we intend to transmit to our clients.

The execution of this work was carried out completely with dry materials: drywall plates and

galvanized steel structures.

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