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MD House – Country Las Delicias

MD House – Country Las Delicias

Single family house.


This house is located in Country Las Delicias, Córdoba, Argentina. This is one of the most

prestigious neighborhoods in the city, which is surrounded by a top-flight natural and architectural


Currently and after the integral intervention that was carried out on the totality of both the

exterior spaces as well as on the existing structure, the property consists of 573,22 m2 of covered

and semi-covered surface and a site of 1660,67 m2.



This project of remodeling and expansion has as its underlying premise the idea of modernizing

and updating this house to our current times as regards space, technology, and architectural


We should mention that the preexisting structure was a 30 years old house with a strong classical

language and with a well-defined symmetry axis. With this in mind, we decided that the

intervention should continue to reinforce this concept of symmetry by creating four sectors of

expansion divided into two wings, for the front as well as for the back of the house.

With the everyday life of the client in mind, we determined to place two wings of garages in the

front of the house, one on the right and the other one on the left, each one with their respective

driveway and car entrance.

In a similar way but towards the back of the house, a covered barbecue area was set on the left

side, which is linked with the kitchen, backyard, pool and an outdoor living room. This area works

as a gallery that connects with the living room, the dining room, and the entrance hall, creating in

this way a social area that offers a diversity of activities that are independent of one another and

do not disturb the private sector of the house.

In the back of the house, in the right wing, we set up a spacious study with a desk, storage area

and sitting area with an excellent view facing the backyard and with the possibility of accessing it

through the right garage.

Finally, we should highlight that the private sectors were located on the first floor, making use of

double-heights that face the entrance hall and emphasizing the master bedroom which consists of

two walk-in closets and a bathroom.



Bearing in mind the size and type of the final product that we wanted to achieve, we decided to

employ a sophisticated variety of materials in each one of the details to emphasize even more the

architecture, the warmth of the spaces and the chosen morphology.

The exterior facades were finished with color acrylic render from the Weber line.


As to flooring and wall cladding, large porcelain tiles were used, most of which were polished and

of top quality.

The interior false ceilings are made of gypsum panels. Conceptually, the decision was to design the

ceiling as a dropped ceiling in order to achieve backlit cove lights that will contribute to the

harmony and warmth of the spaces.

On the exterior green spaces that include both the front and backyard, we employed artificial

ornamental grass, which allows for perfection no matter the season or the time of the day.

Finally and as the cherry on the cake, lighting has a key role in this project. We resolved to use cold

lighting, warm lighting and in some areas (mainly the social areas) RGB led lights, which allow for

the same spaces to be experienced in different ways depending on the color chosen or the

occasion. These details make the house not only a place to live but also a container for

ever-changing emotions.

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