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Condominium Republica 2

Condominium Republica 2

Collective housing- project and execution.

This project was characterized by the development of collective housing in the well-known neighborhood of San Vicente in the city of Córdoba. The objective was to renovate and densify it by taking advantage of its connection with downtown Córdoba.

It is a complex in a site area of 141 m², which consists of 6 apartment units.

Two of them have 1 bedroom with balcony; two have 1 bedroom, a driveway, backyard and grill and the last two have 2 bedrooms with balcony and deck. Each of them with modern architecture in both the interior and exterior.

Condominium Republica 2 is an interesting proposal, with competitive prices in the real estate market, which allows for the expansion and development of this type of products in that area.

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