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Country Jockey House

Country Jockey House

Single family house- project, remodeling and execution.

It is a house of 234 m² which was integrally remodeled and re-functionalized.

The house's style was not morphologically altered, we aimed to preserve what was originally planned by seeking modernity through the use of materials such as stone, acrylic render, wood, porcelain flooring topped with aluminum profiles and lightning. Our main premise was to reinforce the idea of modernism and the technologization of the house.

The areas of the house include a children's bedroom, a master bathroom, a common dressing room, a bedroom with dressing room and an ensuite bathroom, stairs, double-height, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, drying rack, service room with ensuite bathroom, study, garage for two cars, a covered barbecue area with grill and a pool.

On the exterior, we did landscaping work with palm trees and planted broadleaf carpet grass using a spray irrigation system in all the area. Simultaneously, the pool was restored using Venetian mosaics, athermic pool pavers, and glass railing with lightning.

In the interior, all the electrical wiring was changed as well as the systems for hot, cold and sewage water. In respect to the interior flooring, it was replaced with bright polished porcelain tiles and in the bathrooms, we used non-slip porcelain tiles that simulate wood to add warmth to these areas. On the other hand, we designed dropped ceilings made of drywall plates to generate lighting points as well as backlit cove lights to make prominent the different areas. In the stairs and the double-height area, the existing wooden floor was kept and it was laminated to add a feeling of warmth and comfort to this space.

In this project, we restated the idea of modernity by using new materials and current technologies, and in this way, we met the client's needs.

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